Flawless food. Less time. More flavor.

Printed & laminated cooking cheat sheets are your key to cooking from scratch, in less time + with more variety.

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30 indestructible pages of charts that make cooking fast and easy.

Cooking cheat sheets are the best resource for helping you become a faster, more creative, more efficient home cook. 

You'll learn how to:

Cook a bigger variety of foods
Put together meals without a recipe
Know exactly when cooked foods are DONE
Cook more quickly and efficiently, with less stress
Make your food more flavorful while still keeping it healthy
Be as excited about your own cooking as you are going out to eat
Cook to your own personal taste. Flawlessly. Without a recipe.

That’s why I developed Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets.

Limited time Thanksgiving sale!

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Includes physical printed cheat sheets

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"Even after 20 years of being wife/mom I just never felt comfortable in the kitchen. I HAD to cook and muddled through it. These cheat sheets gave me the confidence to experiment on my own. I made a new spice mix for our regular Tuesday night dinner last night and my husband raved about it. No recipe needed!" -- Sandra R, Dallas

Cooking Cheat Sheets

What’s in this set of printed cooking cheat sheets:

30 pages of cooking charts, tutorials, and fill-in-the-blank recipe ideas.

Instant Vinaigrettes

Contains a mix-and-match table of ingredients with the perfect ratio so you can create dressings like a kitchen boss.

Creamy Dressings for Epic Salads

Master ratios + ingredients table + example recipes have you creating your own signature creamy dressings like a salad ninja.

Culinary Cuts Visual Guide

Become a chopping badass! Gauge your knife skills by placing your cut veggies right on the illustrated sheet to measure them.

Compound Butters + Spice Chart

Four pages of mix-and-match flavor pairing tables, plus a master ratio so you can make this sauce like a freaking PRO.

Herb Cuts Cooking Cheat Sheet

Detailed instructions + illustrated examples show you how to chop over 30 different kinds of fresh herbs for flavor domination.

Pasta Measuring Cheat Sheet

Take the guesswork out of measuring pasta. How much should you make? How much should you buy? All of that is answered here in a handy chart.

Oil Smoke Point Cheat Sheet

Avoid a rookie mistake: handy chart shows which oils are the most heat-resistant and which should not be used for high-heat cooking.

Cooking Oil Shelf Life Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive chart to determine at what point your cooking oil has gone bad. (Super important for both safety and flavor!)

Mega-Measurement Guide

16 pages of done-for-you culinary math and conversions, including:

✓ Baking ingredient charts
✓ Pan conversion charts
✓ Volume measurement charts
✓ Temperature charts: C to F, F to C
✓ Egg conversion charts
✓ Visual measurement charts
✓ And tons more!

Grab your printed + digital bundle now, before they're gone forever.

This set of laminated cooking cheat sheets will never be produced again!

Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets were designed with ease and creativity in mind. They’ll teach you how to:

  • Easily cook dinner without a recipe, with basic ratios where you just fill in the blank
  • Learn the in’s and out’s of ingredients, so you know exactly what to expect when you cook
  • Knock your knife skills into stratospheric levels, so you can chop like a freaking chefs while your friends give you the jealous side-eye
  • Develop your palate by expanding your flavor memory, meaning that you’ll instinctively know what flavors will go together, allowing you to create epic recipes on your own
  • Make solid cooking decisions based on health, flavor, texture, and what you’ve got in the fridge

"I've never made any in my life that tastes good. Suddenly today I made ranch dressing from scratch just using these cooking cheat sheets. Just, wow. I might eat this every day for the next week it's so good." -- Misty P, Seattle

These cooking cheat sheets are built to last and will make you feel like a total boss in the kitchen.

  • 30 pages of vivid full-color double-sided printing 🍭
  • 3-hole punched for use in any binder 📒
  • Thick 10mil lamination so they’re practically indestructible 💪🏼
  • Kitchen-proof and 99% waterproof 💦
  • 6-month indestructibility guarantee!