Cooking Cheat Sheets: Make cooking without a recipe easy.

The blueprint you need to cook with WAY less effort.

What if you could cook gorgeous food without frustration?

After spending years training in BOTH savory culinary school and pastry school, I've got a lot of cooking knowledge to share! I've gathered my most valuable step-by-step cooking advice formatted in colorful, easy-to-read charts and tables.

I designed my cooking cheat sheets to help you not only become a faster cook, but a more creative cook. I’m going to teach you how to cook to your own personal taste. Flawlessly. Without a recipe. Yes, really.

That’s why I developed Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets.

Cooking Cheat Sheets

What’s in Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets Series #1:

Oil Smoke Point Cheat Sheet

Avoid a rookie mistake: handy chart shows which oils are the most heat-resistant and which should not be used for high-heat cooking.

Cooking Oil Shelf Life Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive chart to determine at what point your cooking oil has gone bad. (Super important for both safety and flavor!)


"I've never made any in my life that tastes good. Suddenly today I made ranch dressing from scratch just using these cooking cheat sheets. Just, wow. I might eat this every day for the next week it's so good." -- Misty P, Seattle

The Fearless Fresh Measurement Guide:
You’ll never have to do math in the kitchen again.

This second set of cooking cheat sheets contains 16 pages of done-for-you culinary math and conversions. Here's just a sample of the charts you'll find in the Measurement Guide -- there are 16 charts total in this set:


Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets were designed with ease and creativity in mind. They’ll teach you how to:

  • Easily cook dinner without a recipe, with basic ratios where you just fill in the blank
  • Learn the in’s and out’s of ingredients, so you know exactly what to expect when you cook
  • Knock your knife skills into stratospheric levels, so you can chop like a freaking chefs while your friends give you the jealous side-eye?
  • Develop your palate by expanding your flavor memory, meaning that you’ll instinctively know what flavors will go together, allowing you to create epic recipes on your own
  • Make solid cooking decisions based on health, flavor, texture, and what you’ve got in the fridge

These cooking cheat sheets are built to last and will make you feel like a total boss in the kitchen.

  • Vivid full color double-sided printing 🍭
  • 3-hole punched for use in any binder 📒
  • Thick 10mil lamination so they’re practically indestructible 💪🏼
  • Kitchen-proof and 99% waterproof 💦
  • 6-month indestructibility guarantee!